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Fishing on Buggs Island, Kerr Lake should be good today.

  1. Largemouth Bass: Early morning and late evening will be the best times for bass fishing. Target main lake points and the edges of creek channels in 18-22 feet of water. Carolina-rigged plastic lizards and deep-diving crankbaits should be effective. In the early morning, topwater lures might produce some exciting action.
  2. Striped Bass: Striper fishing should be excellent. The area between Buoy 2 and Buoy 7 in the main river channel is likely to be productive. Trolling with bucktails or Cordell Redfins at depths of 22-25 feet could yield good results. Live shad and jigging with Hopkins spoons are also recommended techniques.
  3. Crappie: Look for crappie around brush piles in 8-15 feet of water and near bridge pilings. Live minnows or small jigs should work well.
  4. Catfish: Blue catfish should be biting well. Try fishing on channel breaks in 20-30 feet of water using cut bait, eel, or jumbo shiners.
  5. White Bass: There might be some white bass action around the mouth of Bluestone Creek. Small bucktails or Doll Flies could be effective.

Remember that holiday boat traffic may increase as the day progresses.

The best fishing opportunities will likely be early in the morning or later in the evening when there’s less recreational activity on the water.

Good luck and tight lines!