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Waters throughout the state are lightly stained to muddy due to the large amount of rain received over the past week or so. That being said, boaters need to be aware of floating debris in the waterways. Be especially careful when seeing a short vertical piece of wood floating. This could, and generally is, attached to a log drifting just under the surface. Give them a wide berth. In the current environment, opt for orange, bone and chartreuse baits with lots of vibration and/or noise. When using soft plastic baits, opt for darker colors. Look for mud lines where muddy water meets clear or lightly stained water. These areas will hold fish.

Bass are located in the bushes and on dropoffs adjacent to the bushes and are feeding heavily. Best methods are top waters on rocky points, early and late in the day, and flipping plastic worms and lizards in and near the thickest buckbrush when the sun is up. Squarebill crankbaits and spinnerbaits are also taking bass on rocky points, particularly windblown points.

Stripers are taking live shad around Nutbush Creek between Buoys 1-3. Trolling white bucktails is also accounting for some good fish.

Crappie action is excellent with live minnows around bridge pilings.

White bass are schooled from Bluestone Creek to Buffalo Creeks and on The Hump, taking small chrome colored Rat-L-Traps, small white Chatterbaits and small bucktails.