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Lots of bass are caught on spinnerbaits on shallow points with flooded bushes. Bass may be caught shallow in 2-3 feet of water, medium in 5-6 feet of water or by fishing deep in 11-12 feet of water.

Shallow fish are holding in backs of pockets on rockpiles or on dropoffs near flooded buckbrush. Use shallow running or rattling crankbaits with a high speed retrieve over rockpiles or adjacent to brush.

Medium depth fish are taking spider jigs and grubs on points or wood structure.

The deep fish are relating to normal cover such as humps, road beds and ledges near dropoffs.

Crappie anglers are loading coolers, using small minnows over brushpiles and around bridge pilings.

Schools of breaking stripers are being found between Buoy 16 and the Clarksville Bridge, and at the mouth of Bluestone Creek. Trolling Cordell Redfins and Rebel FasTrak minnows along the river channel is producing some good catches of stripers, but don’t be surprised if you end up with a 30 pound flathead catfish.

White bass to four pounds, are taking trolled Rooster Tails and pearl color Short A’s around the mouth of Bluestone Creek.

Most main lake coves also have a few white bass in them. These fish are suckers for tiny white crankbaits and in-line spinners.