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Charlie Taylor

Water level is at 301 and rising as this is being written.

Bass fishing is picking up, with best fishing on the points and around the buck brush, using spinnerbaits and chatterbaits. Bass are burrowed deep in the bushes and in flooded shoreline cover. Topwater baits or rapidly retrieved spinnerbaits are best early and late in the day. When the sun is up, pitch or cast plastic creature baits or jigs into the area beyond the buckbrush and drag it through the brush.

Crappie fishing is excellent.

Catfish are still hitting well on cut bait.

Stripers may be had by trolling bucktails and Redfins, and by freelining live shad. Fishing is best at night and in the early morning hours between Bluestone Creek and Goat Island.

A few white bass are being caught by crappie anglers.

An archive of fishing reports is available here.

Charlie Taylor writes about fishing in Virginia for several publications. He can be reached at His full Virginia fishing report can be found here. And his report for Lake Gaston can be found here.

Charlie also moderates a popular Forum for area fishermen (and fisherwomen). It can be found here.

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